Listing services

Swiss Management has adapted to the demands of the market and allied itself with Listing Partners Sarl to be able to take Start-Ups the whole way to the listing process. What do we offer?

For Companies

Listing Partners are a boutique corporate finance firm specializing in tech companies with partners that can provide the necessary support that a big firm can provide at the same time be focused and agile on the customer’s needs. We support the company before listing, during the listing process, and after the listing to be sure that the listing is successful and that the company is ready to stand on their own legs in the noted environment.

For investors

We offer investors attractive Investment cases with scalability, interesting sectors, and that are in the front seat of driving change through technology for businesses and consumers. We offer favorable prospects of return on the investments cases we offer our investors to invest in through share distributions and Pre-IPO financing rounds.

Listing Partners