Company structures

Your needs!

  • an effective set up
  • with high quality
  • and flexibility
  • and an interesting tax environment
  • at the right price

Swiss Management is offering the service of setting up company structures matching your professional or private needs together with accounts at its partner banks. Domiciliation and nominee Directorship can also be provided.

Swiss Management is helping businesspeople and entrepreneurs to set up that corporate structure that fits best to the purpose of your business. Perhaps you need a Sicav Fund structure or a securitization company or a family Trust. We know the best places for such structures, and we look at solutions from an international perspective considering the efficiency of the banks related. The importance of having the right set up in terms of both tax and legislation, and the possibility of in a flexible way conduct your business, is evident as is your need of reputation. Not all clients or partners accept you, if your structure is 6 time zones away.

Swiss Management has surrounded itself with strong partners with whom we help you find exactly the right solution for your needs. We are working with various specialists from many parts of the Financial Sector to create the best platform for you.

The right choice is essential. Talk with us and get our pricelist.