Insurance solutions

With the fast changing legislation and rules in the financial world it is very difficult for clients to find the right solution for the time to come. Swiss Management has therefore prepared a range of solution depending on your needs. One of the most popular and save haven solutions is the life insurance market which with the correct partner can solve many problems and be tax efficient for years to come. Moreover such solutions help you solve inheritance problems and through cooperating banks you can still access your assets.

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The financial environment changes so fast that many investors, who thought, they had found a haven for their pension savings in various countries like Switzerland, Luxembourg or Cyprus have been surprised by changes in demands and rules from their financial institutions and authorities.

A number of clients find themselves in the situation that they are forced to move their assets and have problems in finding the right alternative. Singapore, Hong Kong, Montevideo or Mauritius is some of the destinations asked for.

Swiss Management has, in order to create a legal long lasting solution for you, entered into cooperation with a large insurer based on Isle of Man.

Why would this be interesting for you?

  • Isle of Man offers 90% investor protection on your assets and enjoys an AA rating of Moody’s and S&P.
  • “Royal London” is the biggest UK mutual life and pension company with more than 70 Bio EUR under management.
  • Due to the off shore status, investments within the bonds of “Royal London” offers you virtual tax-free growth.
  • You have easy access to your assets (you can at all times withdraw up to 80% of your assets) and can choose your investment strategy almost without restrictions.
  • Citigroup is your custodian bank and we have contact to banks which can offer you loans based on your insurance police with “Royal London 360”.
  • You have passive internet access to your portfolio and can follow the development from home on a daily basis.
  • You are accepted as client regardless your nationality and residence with respect to normal rules of due diligence, origin of funds etc.
  • As an EU resident you will have to set up a trust- or company structure who will be the insurance policy holder and the owner of your assets. This enables you among others to plan your inheritance in a flexible way. Swiss Management will set up this structure for you.
  • As a client of “Royal London” you enjoy one of the most simple and flexible investment solutions with focus on your tax situation, your retirement planning and your inheritance planning.
  • During the first 5 years you will be charged a yearly management fee of 0.7%. On your asset entry you pay a 3% fee and you have to carry a 360 GBP service charge per year.
  • With a trust structure you profit from a legal secure and discreet platform for your future cash- or portfolio management and the expertise of Swiss Management and its highly qualified partners help you receive your desired return.

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