Swiss Management Ltd is apart from being a financial advisor for private clients also a product provider. We do not show you the range of products that you can find on every street corner at your local bank. Much more we want to present to you the opportunities that in terms of risk profile lies higher but which hopefully also can provide your portfolio with an over average return. The products, regardless if they are our own or third party products, are carefully monitored by the management of Swiss Management Ltd and will in case of lacking performance or missing service be changed instantly. This grants you an interesting platform of investment opportunities for your portfolio.

You do not have to have an agreement with us in order to purchase these investments.

Swiss Management Ltd is not taking any mandates from clients who want to let us administer their assets. Much more are we in a close dialog with the client analyzing needs and wishes in order to give a qualitative suggestion matching the risk profile, the return demands and the future planned cash flow wishes. We work closely together with Asset Managers which can take care of you on a daily basis and we support them with our ideas and philosophies.

As the world change, we have to change with it. This can only happen if the dialog between advisor and client is very intensive. Also we want that a client is accepting each step we take. Trust is good - control is better.

We are normally only focusing on that part of a portfolio that is regarded being more speculative. Here we can suggest products that the banks do not normally have on their shelf. This gives a higher degree of diversification and our independence grants the client a more objective advice.

Past performance does not guarantee future results.